What is corporate wellness?

Corporate wellness programs provide a fun experience for your employees while helping them stay healthy. Your employees spend a lot of time at their workplace; by offering wellness treatment options to your team, you help cultivate a culture of health and well being, enhance employee engagement and chemistry, boost productivity, and drive positive business outcome. Here at Studio Med, we offer services to help you maximize your human resources investment through the following:


Annual Physicals and Vaccinations

We firmly believe that prevention is key to a lot of chronic and acute illness. Our board-certified physicians offer physicals, EKG, blood test, and employee education at the comfort and convenience of your office space. We also provide flu shots as well as travel vaccinations so your team can stay ahead of the game. A healthy employee means a productive employee.


IV Therapy and Booster Shots

A fun and memorable way to engage your employee in thinking about nutrition while getting a boost, IV therapy and booster shots offer many benefits which includes preventing dehydration, boosting immune system, migraine management, countering fatigue, enhancing mental focus, and more. Our special mix of vitamins, mineral, electrolytes, antioxidants curated by our team of physicians has been a favorite among hard working New Yorkers. To learn more about IV Therapy, click here.


Employee Appreciation Day

Make it a day of wellness! Our team will work with you closely and customize the best experience for your employee appreciation day. We have experience servicing firms of all scales, and your employees will be in good hands under our care. Contact us today and kick start your corporate wellness program!