Studio Med Wellness Party #2 01/07/2019


Studio Med Wellness Party #2 01/07/2019

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Meet and greet with special guests from the wellness community in NYC, IV therapy of your choice, fun and luxurious non toxic manicure, and a whole lot more from our amazing vendors. Food and drinks are included!

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About The Party

Jan 7th, 2019, Monday
The Flat NYC
23 W24th St
New York, NY 10010

Studio Med is hosting its second wellness evening party of the 2018-2019 season following the success of their last event! It is fun, laid back, and yet full of excitements, including a wellness IV therapy session provided by Studio Med, a health panel/meet and greet with New York's loveliest health enthusiasts and content creators, luxurious non-toxic manicure, sustainable bedsheets, crystal bed treatment, cryo-facial, personalized fragrance, and athleisure wear. Food and refreshments are also included.

About Studio Med

Studio Med is a concierge medical practice providing 24/7 IV therapy, primary care, and urgent care services. Studio Med combines traditional medicine with holistic remedies and approaches, and focuses on providing convenient, hassle-free, and luxurious care to all New Yorkers. Studio Med is also currently working to expand their health services which will include floatation tank, laser therapy, CoolSculpting®, and an ambulatory surgical center in 2019.

Special Guests

 Brianne Manz From  Stroller in the City

Brianne Manz
From Stroller in the City

 Lisa Hayim MS, RD From  thewellnecessities

Lisa Hayim MS, RD
From thewellnecessities

 Emily Dempsey From  Detox2Retox

Emily Dempsey
From Detox2Retox