House calls are rare amongst physicians these days. At Studio Med, house calls are part of the concierge model offered to patients. From the private and friendly bedside manner to the flexibility of getting care in your home, Studio Med offers patients affordable medical care that works for them. Do you wish you could get a house call when you need a doctor? Call the office to learn more.

How it works


Step 1: Contact Studio Med

Whenever, wherever you are. From tourists staying in town to native New Yorkers, we got your back when life has gotten the best of you. Simply contact us and briefly tell us about the symptoms you are experiencing. Don't worry, we only use the information to access what resources to bring with us to your consultation. All information is confidential and plays no part in the examination, diagnosis, and subsequent treatments we provide. All services we provide are available for house call services. For a list of them, please visit our IV Therapy, Urgent Care, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy, and Iron Deficiency Anemia page.


Step 2: We Come To You

After reviewing all your information, our physicians will show up at your location with all necessary equipments, medications, and staff. We go to all houses, apartments, hotels, and most offices here in New York City. Arrival time may vary depending on your location. With that being said, Studio Med works closely with our drivers and other car service companies to make sure we always make it to you at your earliest convenience.

Step 3: Treatment And Follow Up, Every Step Of The Way

Upon diagnosis, the doctor will put together a treatment plan, which can be carried out during the same visit or a follow up visit, with you and/or your family. Most lab results are available on the same day and we make sure we follow through with the treatment plan until you are 100%. We also make ourselves available for phone consultations and general questions after your house call so you are never out of resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is a house call?

As the name suggests, house calls bring medical care to each patient’s home. It includes all the services that you get in the office, but in the convenience of your home.

With Studio Med’s house calls, one of the doctors comes to your house. Scheduling a house call means you can get a much-needed treatment or exam when traveling to the office is not an option for medical or personal scheduling reasons.

2. What kinds of service can patients get with a house call?

Since a house call entails everything that a doctor’s office visit at Studio Med does, the same services are available such as:

  • Primary care

  • Urgent care

  • IV therapy

For example, the doctor might come to a patient’s home to do a medical consult as part of the primary care service, or attend to a patient in bed with the flu. It’s about providing medical care that best fits the patient’s day, whether it’s for a migraine or to provide a wellness consultation.

The house call goes beyond traditional medical services. Patients can schedule IV therapy in their home, for instance, or get a booster shot while on the go.

3. How do house calls work?

It’s a three-step process available to people who live or are visiting the NYC area.

The first step is the phone call: Give the Studio Med office a call and tell the staff about your problem. That provides enough details to allow the medical professional to bring the proper supplies.

The next step is the visit. A member of the Studio Med staff comes out and provides whatever service is necessary, whether it’s a treatment or a consult.

Finally, there’s the follow-up. The doctor making the house call creates a treatment plan and follows-up, if necessary. Patients are free to call the office anytime, as well, to request lab information or ask questions.

4. Can I have my prescriptions delivered to me?

Yes! We understand that it is tough to tread to the pharmacy and wait hours for your medications when you are sick. This is why Studio Med offers prescriptions pick up and delivery services to all of our patients' homes, hotels, or offices so you can focus on your recovery.