A membership with Studio Med entails multiple facets of services we provide, including annual physicals, same day test results and blood works, 24/7 urgent care, primary care, wellness IV therapy, preventive care consultation, pediatric care, telemedicine, and house call services, all inclusive with one flat fee.

Our annual membership also offers:

  • Flexibility: each contract can be tailored to each individual’s needs and health conditions
  • Accessibility: around the clock access to our board certified physicians 365 days a year
  • Affordability: we offer payment plans and work closely with our members to make sure your health comes first


Your time is valuable, and sometimes you just need medical care without the hassle. Our individual yearly contract allows you to call us anytime of the day/night and get your consultation and treatment, either at our facility or using our concierge house call services, at no additional cost. One flat fee, and you can literally call us everyday of the year. 

  • Convenience

  • Accessibility

  • Telemedicine for when you are overseas


We would love to be your family doctor! Similar to our individual contract, a family contract will allow all family members to see us anytime and anywhere throughout the year at no additional charge. Our physicians are experienced in family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatric care, and will go above and beyond and ensure your family's well being.

  • Annual physicals, blood panels, and vaccinations

  • Lower per-patient cost

  • Pediatric care for all your young ones


Your employees have worked hard, and so have you. Now is the time to make sure you take good care of them and yourself, with Studio Med's outpatient concierge services. We also accept event bookings as well as annual memberships.


  • IV infusion therapy for energy and immunization

  • Flu shots and vaccinations

  • Urgent care and pain management